NeuraXenetica LLC is a specialist consulting firm that’s helping organizations survive and thrive in the emerging “Society 5.0,” which is built on advanced technologies relating to AI, social robotics, ubiquitous computing, the Internet of Things, augmented and virtual reality, and human-computer integration.

Our services include AI architecture and deployment; predictive and prescriptive analytics; organizational design and development; enterprise architecture; and the creation of innovative business models that anticipate the effects of the ongoing technological posthumanization of 21st-century economies and societies.

We provide industry-leading guidance to drive businesses’ evolution into Society 5.0 organizations that can operate effectively within increasingly complex digital-physical ecosystems. Since our firm’s founding in 2014, the pioneering research and analysis produced by our personnel have been cited hundreds of times in industry reports, books, and scholarly journals and incorporated into university course curricula internationally.

Open-Source AI & Analytics Solutions

NeuraXenetica is the creator of two open-source solutions that can help organizations take advantage of advanced AI and other posthumanizing technologies. These Python-based web apps are:

  • Synaptans WorkforceSim, a platform for simulating the dynamics of a factory workforce to generate synthetic datasets that can be used to assess competing AI-based approaches to predictive analytics in the workplace (e.g., by conducting sensitivity analysis for different algorithms and comparing such algorithms’ ability to uncover “hidden” trends and correlations that are known to be present in the synthetic data).
  • Comport_AI, an HR predictive analytics tool for forecasting the likely range of a worker’s future job performance using multiple ANNs with custom loss functions.